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We are single moms. We are young moms. We are grandmothers. We are stepmoms, we are aunts. We are teachers. We are caregivers. We are moms who lose our minds. We are moms who love our kids. We are moms who hide in the bathroom for a moment of solitude. We breastfeed. We bottle feed. We are organic. We are dairy, gluten, and nut-free. We serve ice cream for breakfast. We are moms who lean on each other. We are trusted, friends. We are informative acquaintances. We are Ventura County locals. We are Ventura County transplants. We are Ventura County & beyond.


We are moms who do good. We are a supportive, inclusive, resourceful community building a neighborhood that we want to raise our kids in. A community that you want to raise your kids in.



I am still loving all of my winter box goodies, but today was the perfect day for me to get notified that the spring boxes are out! I cannot wait to see what I get in this box! As moms, we do for others without hesitating. We spend money, time, and resources on everyone but ourselves. Being a #fabfitfunaffiliate allows me to do something for me and encourage other mamas to do the same. Treat yo self to a box full of everything you never knew you needed, or do. Four times a year, I get a box of fun filled with goodies I never would have splurged on for myself, even though I know I deserve it! Sign up for you, or sign up a mom friend, a sister, your mom, your daughter to remind her that she is worth it. Let me know what your favorites are in this spring box!